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Meet the team

We’re the Buckland Family – Kyle, Gemma, Amber, and Indigo. Together, we are the heart and soul behind Love Crete, a platform we’ve built out of our shared passion and deep admiration for the beautiful island of Crete.

Let’s start with the captain of our ship, Kyle. A digital nomad by profession, Kyle’s love for travel and adventure knows no bounds. His fascination with ancient history and archaeology drew him to Crete and its rich Minoan heritage. When he’s not exploring hidden archeological sites or reading about Crete’s ancient history, you’ll find him at the helm, steering our blog with his expert writing and photography skills.

Next up is our culinary explorer, Gemma. She has a knack for unearthing the most authentic and delectable Cretan dishes. A food lover at heart and a nutritionist by training, Gemma enjoys discovering local markets, chatting up vendors, and experimenting with traditional Cretan ingredients. She curates our ‘Cretan Cuisine’ series, offering a delightful journey through Crete’s culinary landscape.

Our little explorers, Amber and Indigo, bring a fresh, youthful perspective to our team. Amber, our adventurer, is fascinated by Crete’s natural beauty. Her enthusiasm for outdoor activities is infectious and leads us to some of the most thrilling experiences Crete has to offer. Indigo, the youngest member of our family, is our culture enthusiast. Her curiosity about local traditions, festivals, and music adds a unique and delightful dimension to our explorations.

Together, we bring you ‘Love Crete’, offering insights and stories from our own experiences as a family navigating through life on this enchanting island. Our aim is to inspire you to experience the magic of Crete beyond its popular tourist spots, to explore its hidden corners, and to fall in love with its vibrant culture, mouth-watering cuisine, and warm-hearted people.

Welcome to Love Crete! We can’t wait to share our adventures and discoveries with you as we continue our journey through this paradise island.

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